Social Enterprise Day on Thursday 19 November celebrates the impact social enterprises are having around the world. The #WhoKnew global digital campaign gives social enterprises the chance to tell our stories, show what sets us apart from traditional businesses and shout about the difference our work makes.

This year has been a turbulent one for the sector but so many social enterprises across the world have been at the heart of community response to the pandemic. Roots for the Future’s work has been severely disrupted by social distancing. It’s hard to bring neighbours together to plant copses of trees when people have to keep two meters apart. Additionally the two national lockdowns have coincided with the best time to plant trees.

However, out of crises new and incredible opportunities can emerge. The pandemic has forced us to think more deeply about what impact we have beyond contributing to the fight against climate change. There are many social benefits to getting involved in our tree planting events, as well as environmental ones. We believe our workshops:

  • Increase the mental and physical well-being of those taking part
  • Increase the mental and physical well-being of those living, working and learning close to the planting site
  • Provide an opportunity for locals to spend an afternoon outside, doing something positive for their community
  • Provide an opportunity for an extended outdoor activity close to home

  • Provide skills in planting
  • Raise awareness of climate change and what we can do about it
  • Increase people’s appreciation of and respect for green spaces and the nature within them
  • Increase the beautification of the spaces we plant in
  • Increased social cohesion within the community for those taking part

The most relevant one to COVID-19 is well-being. Time outside in green spaces makes us feel better, and being amongst trees is proven to have health benefits.

While we focus on children and young people, our projects are inter-generational. Our vision is that we will inspire the next generation to live more harmoniously with nature. However we welcome all ages to attend and believe that in the process of improving green spaces together, communities are strengthened.

We want to work in partnership with organisations who provide support to those who are experiencing a mental health problem. We believe strongly in the restorative powers of green spaces, fresh air and particularly, trees. We want to share that with those whose well-being has been affected by lockdowns, shielding and quarantines. Get in touch to find out more. Together, let’s feel better.



The #WhoKnew campaign is being organised by Social Enterprise UK, the membership body for social enterprises. Roots for the Future is a member of Social Enterprise UK and a certified social enterprise, doing business for good.