Forest Bathing

Immersing yourself in the forest

Forest bathing is a slow and mindful walk in the woods, opening up all your senses and slowing down your mind. It is an immersive experience, noticing the sights, sounds, smell and textures of the forest. It is a way to destress, relax and boost health and wellbeing. Francesca from Roots for the Future is now a certified forest bathing guide, having trained with the forest bathing institude and is keen to show you the multiple benefits of spending dedicated, mindful time amongst trees.

In the coming months we will have a number of different options for people to try forest bathing, from corporate events to funded sessions for people suffering with poor mental and physical health. On these sessions we will take a slow walk through woodland with sensory activities to help you unwind and connect with the natural environment to boost your mental and physical health. There is a focus on slow, deep, mindful breathing throughout, with a guided meditation at the end.

On a two to three hour guided session, you will notice things you have never noticed before. You may notice much more birdsong or the sound of the leaves crunching under your feet. You might spend a happy 10 minutes squelching slowly through wet mud. Have you ever dug a hole in the earth and had a good sniff of the soil? Smell has an evocative power, strongly connected to memories and emotions. The various smells of the forest can be both familiar and new discoveries.