Corporate partnerships

Could you be our next corporate partner?

We want to bring you and your team closer to trees! We are looking for corporate partners in Surrey who are passionate about sustainability, protecting nature and increasing biodiversity.

There are many different ways to get involved with Roots for the Future for the mutual benefit of you, your employees and the planet. From giving your employees’ time, working together on any local spaces that could benefit from a tree planting scheme and increasing biodiversity. 

Volunteer days

There is no better place than the outdoors to help develop your staff relationships. We have employee engagement and volunteering opportunities, from away days planting trees, to helping with a community garden for an afternoon. We also welcome your professional expertise to help us increase our positive impact on the local environment. We focus our activities on Waverley and Guildford and also have projects further afield such as Tandridge and Spelthorne.

Staff wellbeing

We would like to partner with SMEs in the region who have employee volunteering schemes. Have a wellbeing day with us, immersing yourself in a woodland through forest bathing with us. Or simply spend the day helping us at a community garden. Harness the power of nature for employee wellbeing, which can lead to a more fulfulling working life and greater staff retention. Take the opportunity to develop your CSR policy with us for higher staff engagement and creativity.

Gifts in Kind

We welcome offers of volunteer hours and gifts in kind, such as materials used to make community gardens. Donations are always gratefully received. Watch this short video about a wonderful corporate partnership project we had with donations of materials and time.

Climate conciousness

As you reduce your fossil fuel emissions, partner with us to help to reduce the climate crisis and increase local biodiversity by supporting and participating in our tree planting workshops. Perhaps you know of an area of land we can work on together to plant saplings and wildflowers. 

Lending us your professional expertise can help us tackle local environmental problems such as biodiversity loss and flooding. 

Get in touch if you have a CSR or environmental policy you would like to develop with us. We have helped local businesses with their applications to local authorities for development plans where they have to prove their environmental and responsibility credentials.

For more information about how you can develop your own individual partnership with Roots for the Future, contact us.