Have you heard of Forest Bathing? It’s not what it sounds like… you don’t need to bring your swimsuit.

Forest bathing is a slow and mindful walk in the woods, opening up all your senses and slowing down your mind. It is an immersive experience, noticing the sights, sounds, smell and textures of the forest. It is a way to destress, relax and boost health and wellbeing, and you can sign up to do it for free! 

On a two to three hour guided session, you will notice things you have never noticed before. You may notice a tree smiling at you. You might spend a happy 10 minutes squelching slowly through wet mud. Have you ever smelled inside a pine cone? If not you will be surprised by the fresh and comforting aroma it has. Ever stopped and stared at a raindrop? You may never have noticed the miniature world there is inside one.

Apart from it being a beautiful and relaxing experience, the best part is that it is scientifically proven to make us feel better. Trees emit a compound that when we breathe in, has many health benefits. Research shows that breathing in the compound, Phytoncide, whilst forest bathing, regulates heart rate, blood pressure, boosts immunity and releases happy endorphins. It improves mental wellbeing with participants citing that they had fewer negative thoughts and less rumination during and after sessions.

Francesca from Roots for the Future is on route to becoming a qualified Forest Bathing Guide certified by the Forest Bathing Institute. While she is working towards certification, she has to run practice sessions. These sessions are free and will be run near Godalming. In order to learn from these practise session, and to create case studies that can be assessed, she will need you to fill out feedback forms in return for the free session.

If you are interested in a free session, please fill out the sign up form. 

So why not join Francesca for one of these forest bathing events. We will take a slow walk through woodland with sensory activities to help you unwind, connect with the natural environment to boost your mental and physical health.