Roots for the Future is the lucky beneficiary of the sale of one of the colourful cows you may see dotted around the countryside. With huge thanks to our friends and sponsors Van Arnhem Nursery Roots for the Future and charity Perennial will benefit from the auction of Mahana Moo through the Surrey Cow Parade. A local artist was commissioned to make the fiberglass Moo beautiful. Here she is in the studio, getting all dressed up.

The Cow Parade is the world’s largest public art event, and rounds up the support of celebrities and community groups to raise money for local community projects and enterprise schemes.  The Surrey Cow Parade aims to share the beauty of the Surrey Hills and provide a boost to local businesses and community projects.

Cow Parade Surrey officially launched to the public May Bank Holiday at the Surrey County Show which 40,000 people attended. We had the opportunity to get up close to many of the marvellous moos and find out more about the other beneficiaries. There were 15 full-size moos and some wee moos dotted around the showground. Despite downloading the free app, and walking all around the grounds, we couldn’t find our Mahana Moo to meet her for the first time. We resorted to showing county show staff her picture and asking, “have you seen this cow?”

It turned out she was in the VIP exclusive area. Lucky Mahana! Apparently we weren’t VIP or exclusive enough to be allowed in to see her. But it didn’t matter because she was one of only two cows to be paraded around the main arena on the back of a trailer for all to see. And after all that excitement, she is now in her natural environment in a field in the Surrey Hills. Let us know if you spot her!

On the 3rd September, at the Surrey Hills Food, Drink & Music Festival at Coverwood Farm, all the cows will be exhibited and judged. Most of the cows will then be auctioned but the cows judged to be the top 20 beauoooties will bypass this auction and go to a Gala event in London to make even more money. Fingers crossed Mahana gets to go to London! We think she’s worth it, she’s udderly gorgeous.

To get involved in the Surrey Cow Parade download the app.