Plans to widen the A3 at the junction to the M25 have put at risk irreplaceable historic trees, some of which are more than 100 years old with centuries of life left. RHS Garden Wisley is a Grade II listed garden and if this Highways England plan is developed, more than 10,000 sq. metres of woodland could be grabbed with more than 500 trees destroyed. It is hard to comprehend what leads policymakers to cut down acres of the UK’s heritage trees to make way for yet more carbon to be emitted into our atmosphere.

According to research released in 2015, globally we are cutting down 15 billion trees a year yet only replanting five billion. That net loss of 10 billion trees per year, if continued at the same rate, will lead to no trees left on Earth in 300 years’ time.

Using satellite images, data from forestry researchers and supercomputers, scientists were able to accurately estimate the quantity of trees growing on all continents except Antarctica. Estimates of tree densities around the world put the total number of trees on Earth at 3.04 trillion, or roughly 422 trees per person.

An acre of mature trees in one year absorbs the same amount of CO2 produced when a car is driven 26,000 miles. In the UK the average annual mileage for four-wheeled vehicles is around 7,900 miles. So when decision makers deforest to make way for more roads, the Earth and future generations hardly stand a chance in the face of our rapidly changing climate.

Sign the petition to alter RHS Wisley’s future with hope and faith that you will in one small way be attempting to alter the dangerous course we have put this planet on.