Our children’s spades were stolen!

Can you help replace them?

Since our inception in 2016 we have planted thousands of trees in Waverley and Guildford, mostly with children and young people. Though all ages are welcome to our community workshops, we focus on the young with the vision that the next generation will find nature-based solutions to the climate emergency.

So we were really sad to discover that our shed was broken into on New Year’s Eve and all our children’s spades and gazebo were stolen.

Can you help replace them?

After planting over 250 trees at the Royal Surrey for national tree week in December, we put away our tools for the Christmas period obviously not knowing that we would have such a sad start to 2023.

In order to be able to deliver the planting projects we have committed to this planting season, we need to replace these tools as soon as possible. So we are reaching out to our community, the community we plant trees with and for, to see if people are able to make a small contribution towards replacing the tools. Each children’s spade costs £16 each and 18 were stolen. The gazebo will cost at least £100 to replace, plus delivery. Even a small donation, such as the cost of a takeaway coffee, will make a difference.

With the cost of living crisis, we understand that everyone is tightening their belts, so even donations of a few quid will add up and help us to continue engaging our community in tackling the climate crisis.

Thanks so much.