To mark National Tree Planting week, we held two planting days at a former horse paddock in Shackleford. The owners of the field are passionate advocates of nature and, with the vision of wildlife being sustained, they believe the land should be offered back to nature.

The owners, Sally and Kevin, wish to turn this area into a woodland and wildlife area to benefit nature, the local community and the general environment over the years to come.

They envisage the new woodland they establish as a mindful space for the local community to support their mental and physical health whilst simultaneously increasing biodiversity and an undisturbed habitat for all wildlife to flourish, as it previously would have done prior to development of the general area.

As a way to start the project, Roots for the Future invited two corporate partners, Chantry and Pewleys estate agents and Yard b Studios to come plant with us. On a chilly Wednesday during national tree planting week, we planted 100 trees and dug the holes for 60 more trees to be put into the ground by a local school group that Friday.

The theme of all the workshops we hold at the site is Let’s Give Back to Nature. We will link the health of the planet to the health of all living beings and impart a sense of responsibility we all have in keeping our local natural environments healthy – because they are also key to our own wellbeing.

We linked the Friday workshop with the school to the Year 2 curriculum, discussing habitats, woodland animals, hedgerow critters, minibeasts and microhabitats. And the children learnt a new word biodiversity – all the different kinds of life you’ll find in one area—the variety of animals, plants, fungi, and microorganisms that make up our natural world.

We believe this hedgerow, once established will create a much needed wildlife corridor for the local insects, minibeasts, birds and larger animals in this part of our beautiful countryside.