One of our favourite things to do – apart from planting trees – is give people the opportunity to come together to do something positive in their local vicinity. On Saturday 10th February it was heartwarming to see people come out of their houses in the pouring rain and windy weather to plant trees to make a difference to the environment. And it’s a good thing it was heartwarming because it was a pretty chilly day!

The afternoon started with the children who attended running about to warm up while the grown ups kept their spirits up over hot drinks and good conversation.

Forest School leader Lucy Smith led the games and children made animals out of clay and pine cones. One of the older residents in the street was lent a garden chair by a neighbour so he could join in on the fun. Our workshops are designed to be inter-generational and it is wonderful to see younger and older residents working together to make their green spaces even greener.

One of the aspects of our planting sessions we think is an integral element to our goal of contributing to social cohesion is inviting local councillors coming along to plant with the community. Waverley Borough Councillor Bob Upton joined us in the rain and planted one of the oak trees.

14 oak trees were planted in all, 7 at each end of the green. Families planted together and the children are going to watch what grows faster – themselves or the trees they planted.

As you can see from the lens of the camera, it really was a wet day but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Smiles and laughter all round when getting together with family, friends and neighbours to do something positive for the community.

We would like to thank everyone for coming out in the rain, Councillor Bob Upton for attending, our funders CALA Homes along with the Postcode Lottery for making it possible, and Waverley Borough Council for giving us permission to plant on the grounds.