Every day we hear more downbeat news about how the pandemic is damaging our economy. Much is being made about building back better – that the government needs to create an economy that is greener, fairer and more resilient to future shocks.

How can we as individuals make a difference too?

Roots for the Future is joining the national campaign Choose communities: Buy Social. The campaign urges consumers, businesses and public bodies to support local social enterprises. Social enterprises are businesses which trade for a social and/or environmental purpose, reinvesting the majority of their profits to support their mission.

There are around 100,000 social enterprises in the UK and each one is set up to take on some of the biggest issues we face from tackling marginalisation, such as local Godalming cafe Changing Perceptions,  to tackling the climate crisis, such as Godalming based Roots for the Future. Changing Perceptions helps people living with epilepsy and associated disabilities to reach their full potential. Roots for the Future brings people together to plant trees close to where they live to combat climate change.

These are businesses set up with the sole intention to support communities, both in geographic terms as well as groups of individuals with a shared challenge. They work to become an essential part of the local community, creating jobs and opportunities, or running services and events to support local people.


2020 will leave a devastating legacy, making 2016 look like a walk in the park. However, despite the heartache and losses, the global pandemic has also led to a surge of goodwill with communities coming together, connecting with each other and helping the most vulnerable. Social enterprises always put the communities they support first, living their values day in and day out, and they will continue to do so long after the pandemic is over.

Whoever you are, whether you’re a consumer, a business owner or work for a public body, when you ‘buy social’ and choose to spend your money with social enterprises you are choosing to support a different way of doing business – one which puts communities at its heart. Contact us to find out how you can ‘buy social’ with Roots for the Future to support our work, your community and the planet. 

The campaign is being organised by Social Enterprise UK, the membership body for social enterprises and is being supported by the Co-op, one of the country’s best-known social enterprises. Roots for the Future is a member of Social Enterprise UK and a certified social enterprise, doing business for good.