Haslemere residents joined us to plant trees on Saturday 23 February. Around 30 people of all ages came out to enjoy the sunshine, a cup of tea with neighbours and do something great for their community.

The afternoon started with a run around with Richard our Forest school leader getting the younger participants involved in Giants and Wizards.

Richard then showed the children how to make windmills out of foraged bark and twigs. I made one too and was delighted when it spun in the wind.

Meanwhile older participants either dug holes ready for the planting or mingled with neighbours over a cup of tea kindly donated by the local Tesco store.

On to the tree planting demo! We showed everyone how to plant the trees in order to give them the best start in life.

Everyone got the chance to plant a tree. Some local Guides came along as part of the work they need to do to get their community badge.

We had a few local councillors attend, Cllrs Robert Knowles and Stephen Mulliner who are Waverley councillors for the ward.


Little ones who planted trees will be able to come back and see who is growing tallest, them or the tree they planted!

It was a lovely day out for the family. Hopefully they will continue to visit their trees and perhaps give them a drink of water during dry spells.