Getting hands dirty at Ockford Ridge and Aaron’s Hill

Friends and neighbours in Ockford Ridge and Aaron’s Hill are gathering together to get their hands dirty this Saturday, 19 November. Residents will be planting 50 oak tree saplings with us. The afternoon is paid for by Godalming Town Council and supported by Waverley Borough Council.

The tree planting workshop at Ockford Ridge and Aaron’s Hill is one of two in residential areas in Godalming made possible by a grant from Godalming Town Council. The aim is to get the community to work together to further beautify their surroundings, learn more about the environmental benefits of trees and to informally work with their councillors.

This is a great opportunity for community members to get more involved in tackling local environmental issues, such as poor air quality and flooding. It’s also a chance for residents of Ockford Ridge and Aaron’s Hill to get to know their neighbours and councillors a little better.