Roots for the Future and Charterhouse School have recently completed a second year of planting sessions together. The planting projects fit well into the school’s commitment to social responsibility and to instilling a sense of citizenship in their pupils. With a tradition of service within the school that means all pupils make a meaningful contribution to society, our workshops highlighted the importance of individual responsibility in the fight against climate change.

In the sessions we discussed some wonderful facts about how integral trees are to life on earth: they give us the oxygen we breathe, they absorb and store the carbon emitted from vehicles and industrial activity, they mitigate flooding because water sinks into soil under trees at 70 times the rate it sinks under grass, they improve our air quality. Trees and hedgerows prevent soil erosion and give nature a home, so this year all six sets planted hawthorn in a hedgerow that had quite a few gaps in it.

Charterhouse takes social responsibility seriously. At the heart of the school is a commitment to the wider world. The school’s founder, Thomas Sutton gave the school the motto Deo Dante Dedi – ‘God having given, I gave’ – and there is no question that he expected those who benefited from a Charterhouse education to give back to society. Carthusians understand that the privilege of learning at such a well-resourced school with beautiful grounds brings with it a responsibility to give back, and to give a hand up to the next generation. What better way to do that than to plant trees that will benefit future generations?

Despite the cold, these hooded young men got stuck in, understanding their role in planting roots for the future. A frightening statistic we like to share – 15 billion trees are cut down globally each year and with only five billion replanted, that rate of deforestation means that in 300 years’ time there will be no trees left on earth.

In one of the sessions nature rewarded us with a double rainbow. The boys seemed proud of their contribution, helping to improve their school’s grounds, the local environment and a making their own small but significant difference to combating global climate change.

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