Roots for the Future is selling these little baby Christmas trees again this year to raise funds for our community tree planting projects.

As these trees are quite small, they would make a great gift for someone without much space for a big one. Perhaps someone in a care home, or someone who spends a lot of time at a desk and needs some Christmas cheer. They could make a great thank you gift for a teacher or a colleague.

Purchasing one not only supports Roots for the Future’s work, but also supports other local enterprises. The trees come from Santa Fir in Cranleigh, a family run, sustainable grower and retailer of Christmas trees. The bamboo pots are sourced from the RHS shop and after about 5 years use, can be broken up and put onto your home compost.

Consider it a gift with a purpose! When you buy from a social enterprise you are buying gifts that gift back from businesses that are built to make a difference. Additionally live Christmas trees are the greenest festive option.

Christmas trees are traditionally evergreen conifers. The British Christmas Tree Growers Association estimates that between six and eight million trees are sold each year and the industry is worth millions to the UK economy. If you have space, buying a Christmas tree with roots so it can be planted in the garden afterwards, or stored in a pot and brought back in the house next year is probably the most environmentally-friendly way to have a Christmas tree. And our little baby trees are a great way to start that tradition.

Read more about how green your Christmas tree tradition is here.

After enjoying your little Christmas tree this holiday, it will need to be outside for the rest of the year. Fir trees prefer cool, moist conditions so place the tree in a sheltered spot, not in direct sunlight. Keep it watered during dry spells.

After about a year or so, it will likely want a bigger pot or to be planted in the ground so it has room to grow. If the roots are constrained, the branches won’t grow bigger. If you plant it in the ground, you can still dig it out each Christmas to put it into a pot and bring inside. Be careful to dig widely around it and deeply to avoid damaging the roots.

Get in touch to arrange your purchase. Happy Christmas and thank you for your support!