Support Us

There are a number of simple ways you can support our work.

You can buy a tree through Treebay and we will plant it for you. There are options for the types of trees you can buy and ways you can dedicate them to people.

You can volunteer your time to Roots for the Future too. We are looking for people to give time and share their skills. From helping at events to sharing your professional expertise, there are lots of ways you can contribute. Please contact us via the contact form to let us know how you would like to get involved.


Corporate partners


We are looking for corporate partners in the South East who are interested in sustainability, responsibility and carbon offsetting.

We would like to partner with SMEs in the region who have employee volunteering schemes. There are a number of professional skills we are keen to make use of and welcome offers of volunteer hours. Please get in touch if you have a CSR or environmental policy you would like to develop with us.

We also offer team building away days for companies develop their staff relationships in the outdoors.

We are looking for Corporate partners who are interested in offsetting their carbon footprints at a hyperlocal level by supporting our tree planting workshops.

Contact us to find out more.

Invite us to plant on your land

We are always looking for land to plant trees on, either on behalf of or with the community. This could be private land, common land, public areas, or communal green areas.

Get in touch if you have a suitable piece of land that you would like to have trees planted on.

Many thanks to

A number of people, companies and institutions have been extremely supportive and generous with their time, skills and advice as we set up. With particular thanks to: Van Arnhem Nursery for their corporate support, Honey Brothers for their corporate support and land to plant on, Godalming Town Council for grant support, Waverley Borough Council for granting permission to plant, Surrey County Council for grant support, Third City for their PR support, Krell for designing the our logo, Beth Ormerod for her design contributions, Surrey Hill Enterprises for supplying us with land, staff at the South East Forestry Commission for their advice and support.

Our work has been made possible thanks to



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Roots for the Future
Roots for the FutureThursday, July 19th, 2018 at 4:00pm
Beth Moon's photography captures how tree growth is connected with celestial movement and correlate with the moon and planets. Some truly magical images! 🌳🌙
Roots for the Future
Roots for the FutureWednesday, July 18th, 2018 at 4:41pm
"I can find common ground for those who oppose the Paris Accords because, for example, they might say, well, it’s not going to work, you can’t get everybody to cooperate, or they might say it’s more important for us to provide cheap energy for the poor, even if it means in the short term that there’s more pollution.

"At least I can have a debate with them about that and I can show them why I think clean energy is the better path, especially for poor countries, that you can leapfrog old technologies.

"I can’t find common ground if somebody says climate change is just not happening, when almost all of the world’s scientists tell us it is. I don’t know where to start talking to you about this. If you start saying it’s an elaborate hoax, I don’t know what to – where do we start?

"Unfortunately, too much of politics today seems to reject the very concept of objective truth. People just make stuff up. They just make stuff up."

Barack Obama delivering the Nelson Mandela annual lecture on Tuesday night in Johannesburg, marking 100 years since his birth.
Roots for the Future
Roots for the Future shared Staycation Live Festival's post.Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at 3:40pm

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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at 3:40pm
#SocEnt Roots for the Future is holding summer clubs for nature and outdoor loving 7-11 year olds in #Godalming #Farncombe not far from #Guildford #Farnborough. Booking essential! More info #charitytuesday
Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 at 11:49am
We are holding SUMMER CLUB workshops for 7-11 year olds this summer holiday in #Farncombe #Godalming. Outdoor games & discovery, learning about nature & how trees are fundamental to life on earth. Only 20 spots available for each so book now
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 at 12:51pm
We are holding SUMMER CLUB workshops for 7-11 year olds this summer holiday. Outdoor games & discovery, learning about nature & how trees are fundamental to life on earth. Only 20 spots available for each. Book now #Godalming #Farncombe #Milford #Witley
Friday, June 29th, 2018 at 7:39am
We're part of @godalmingtc Staycation Festival this August. Become a tree guardian with Roots for the Future! FREE inter-generational drop-in workshop at Broadwater Park Community Centre on Wednesday 8th August 10am and 2pm. Looking forward to #Godalming #Staycation. Come along! rootsforfuture photo
Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 at 10:27am
@networkrail claims there are 650,000 "problem trees" along their track and plan to cut many thousands down. Vegetation management or a crime against the environment? #bbcwato